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More and more people are learning to create avatars for themselves. Why not join them and take the plunge?

AbD offers one of the best graphics design apprentice programs around. We offer a thorough training structure, to teach the various elements necessary to create your own works of art using Paint Shop Pro.

There are two stages to the program. Stage One is an introduction to PSP, and Stage Two is for fine tuning and learning more advanced techniques.

To date, literally hundreds of people have participated in the program, and AbD is proud to boast that many great designers have graduated the program, and gone on to participate in other areas of AbD and other avatar sites.

Some have even carried on to further graphics design training in real-time, and included it in their careers.

The program is FREE and run solely by a group of amazing volunteers. (Many of them graduates from the program itself.) There are also buddies available to give that little bit extra help in the early stages, and administrators to ensure the smooth overall running of the program.

How to join...
If you are interested in joining the apprentice program, here's how you do it...

The apprentice program is located on the following forum. You will need to register in order to sign up, so please do so, and include a valid email so that you can validate your account:

AbD Apprentice Forum

If for any reason you have problems with this, please email me and I'll sort it out for you: Click here to email me.

Once you have completed your registration, log into the forum, and go to the sign up board, here:

Sign Up Section

There are a couple of posts there, entitled "Please read before signing up" and "Please answer these questions". Read them, make sure you understand them, and then follow the instructions given.

Its as simple as that. If however you have any queries, please post in this section with your questions, and a member of the team will happily help you.

E-book Available - $5 USD
If you would like to purchase a copy of the apprentice program in e-book format, so that you dont have to rely on the forum, then please visit the following page:

E-book Instructions

It is recommended that you also participate in the apprentice program, if buying the e-book, as no direct assistance is offered with the book.

Terms & Conditions
There are one or two rules in place, which we expect you to follow. Time guidelines for participation etc, and we do expect that behaviour on the forum be responsible, and respectful. Other than that, take time, browse the forum, and learn how things work.

If you are allocated a buddy, be respectful that they are not on call 24/7, and they do this for FREE. They are there to help, so please, if you do get suck, speak to your buddy, and let them help you.

Thats pretty much it. If you have any further questions, feel free to post the apprentice forum, or PM one of the members of staff. Otherwise, enjoy, and good luck!



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