Avatar Requests
Joining the team of designers


At presend on AbD, there are three ways you can request avatars:

1 - Designer Avatar Requests
2 - premade Avatar Requests
3 - Buy an Avatar

Taking premade and/or designer requests differs slightly from the "Buy an Avatar" requests. Anyone can sign up and take part in the "BaA". It's an excellant way to wet your feet, so to speak.

If you are interested in offering your services, but are unsure of how you might like it, then we recommend you participate in the BaA board. You can visit it on the following link:

Buy an Avatar Board

If however you wish to take more requests than the manditory three per month in the BaA, then the next step would be to sign up and become a premade designer. These are not limited to a specific number of avatars per month. However, you can do as few or as many you want. Each request generating points.

To find out more about signing up to be a premade designer, please visit the following section of the forum:

Premade Designer sign-up area

Finally, the third option available, is to take designer avatar requests.

There are part-time designers (between 5 and 9 avatar requests per month) and full-time designers (10 or more per month). Each group is ideally made up of 10 people. The way it works is as follows:

If there are less than 10 in the full-time designers group, then a spot will be advertised. First priority will be given to part-time designers. The same process is offered if a spot becomes available in the part-time group. First option will be given to the full-time designers.

Next on the list of priorities will be the premade designers. Their applications will be given a higher level of consideration, than anyone not already taking requests. The reason for this, is we are able to see the commitment given, and the work they do prior to making the decissions.

If you are seriously interested in taking requests, its recommended that you participate in some area, be it the BaA, or the premades, while waiting for a spot to open up on the Designer Requests section. This way, when its time to apply, your application will carry more merit.

Signing up to be a Core Designer
Applying to become a core designer can be done at any time, regardless of if an advert has been posted for a vacancy.

However, having said this. If there is no vacancy at the time of your application. Your post will be taken as a note of interest, and your name will be noted. This does not guarentee you a position when a vacancy does arise, but it will stand you in good stead to note your interest.

For further information on applying to become a core designer, please visit the following link:

Core Designers sign up area

Thats basically it. If anyone has any questions, feel free to post the relevant board on the forum, or email me at the following link:

Click to email me



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