AbD Board Auctions


1. Board/Abstract auctions can be submitted by ANYONE, not just AbD designers. You can send in one at a time, or you can send in several at once and they will be kept in a personal folder for you and one submitted to the board each week. You don't have to submit an item to both auctions :

If you wish to submit either to the board, or abstract auction, or to both is fine! Please download the string or image too:

Board Auction Drop Off

Submissions to be submitted for auction 15 minutes prior to the end/start of the next auction, or they will be held in a folder until the following week.

Board avs include: Avatars with or without matching VPs.

Abstracts include: Everything else related to graphics EXCLUDING AVATARS - abstracts can be: VPs, wallpapers, website page intros, whatever is up to your imagination! **An abstract set CANNOT include an AVATAR.**


2. The house (AbD) will open the bids with a minimum bid of 200 points. All further bids to begin at 300 points, to ensure that all designers earn at least 200 points for their efforts. After that point, the bidding will continue in increments of 100 points with no maximum cap. As long as you have the points to cover your bid, you can bid as much as you like. If you are unsure how many points you have, please refer to the Point Bank thread and check your points before bidding.

3. POINTS - ** You MUST have the points in the bank on the most current BANK BALANCE SHEET. If You do Not have the points, Your bid will be VOIDED! If You have won MORE then one avatar and the total of all of them is MORE then what you currently have in the bank You will lose ALL the avatars.** , and they will be awarded to the next person in line.

4. MODIFYING POSTS- **If you modify a bid or post it will be voided.**

5. If You OUTBID yourself, ** Your last BID will be used as Your final bid.**

6. Board/Abstract auctions will generally run for a period of one week and the exact ending time and date will be posted each week. The person with the highest bid at the end of the auction wins the avatar.

7. At the end of the auction, the board/abstract auction threads will be locked and the names of the winners will be posted in a separate thread on the General Board/Abstract auction board. If you won an avi, you should immediately send a private message to the Designer of the avi you won stating the exact name you would like on the avatar. The Designer is to then personalize the av for you and post it on the board entitled "Pick Up Area" under the "Board Auction Pickup" thread. The threads for the previous week's auctions will be moved to the "Archived" thread under the "Board Auctions/Sales" board and kept there for a period of five days before deleted. (If you don't receive your avi in a timely manner, please let us know so that your points can be refunded). Any designer who does not fulfill their commitments will be banned from future board auctions for a period of 4 weeks.

**Note** The winning bids will be accepted with a time stamp prior to the closing time. A bid entered after the closing time will not count as a winning bid. (so if you live in the EST area anything time stamped after 4:00:00 will NOT count.)

**Note** anyone selling an avi on here, then not delivering, which results in a refund will be banned from submitting an ava into the board auction for 1 month.

8. Designers are not responsible for hosting avatars for an excessive length of time. This is the responsibility of the Buyer.

9. All non-bid posts or posts of a negative nature will be removed.

The 2 week rule: From now on, anyone submitting avas for auctions etc, there is a 2 week deadline for delivery. If you're unable to make this deadline then please arrange between yourself and the person winning the ava when it will be delivered.

If the person who won the ava hasn't heard back from the person within two weeks, and they feel worried about it, please post the admin board and let us know, and a refund will be processed.

Please please contact the designer beforehand and give them time to respond. It may be that they are snowed under r/t.

However, if you're the designer, and will be late in delivering, please let us know too, so that we can avoid refunds as much as possible.


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