Requesting an Avatar
Premade Requests


AbD offers a growing selection of premade avatars. These are created in advance by many wonderful designers, and offered for request in the premade gallery. The link to which is found below:

Premade Avatar Gallery

How to order a premade
Ordering a premade avatar is relatively straight forward. The steps are as follows:

1 - Go to the premade gallery, and select the avatar you wish to have made for you.

2 - Go to the premade request area on the main forum. The link can be found below:

Premade Request Area on Main Forum

3 - In the "Requests" board, make a fresh post, and in the title, name the avatar of your choice. (Eg susie redhead 23.) In the body of the post, specify the name for the avatar, and any additional information you feel the designer might need.

4 - Once the designer has completed the avatar, they will post it in the "Pickup Board" ready for your collection. Please reply to the thread, thanking them, and leaving feedback. If you do not do this within a two week period, the avatar will be re-added for another person to request, and you will no longer be allowed to request avatars. (Please refer to terms and conditions.)

Terms & Conditions
When ordering premades, there are a few terms and conditions in place, so please familiarise yourself with them.

There is a maximum ordering limit of two avatars and one blinkie per month. This rule applies to everyone, so that others get the chance to request the avatars too.

The avatars are not subject to changes, other than the name being added, and sizing changes as requested. Please do NOT ask the designers to change the design. They come as-is.

Anyone ordering premades, or any other avatar request, and then not collecting them, or thanking the designer, will have their right to request, removed. It costs nothing to say thankyou!

If anyone has any problems with these conditions, please feel free to email me:

Click here to email me



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