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What is this section all about?
This section has been added to answer all your questions relating to AbD. Questions that have been asked in the past, and possible solutions for questions that may arise in the future. You can find them here in this section.

On the menu to your right, you will notice it has been changed to incorporate an introduction page to various sections on AbD. From "how to join the apprentice program", to "how to participate in auctions" etc. I've tried to make it comprehensive, but as AbD grows, so will this section.

You will also notice a link at the top of the menu, to take you back to the core pages of this site, if ever you should need it.

What if I cant find answers here?
If you have questions that are not covered within this section, chances are, others have them too. In this situation, can you please contact me using the following link, and I will do my best to offer the solution to your query. Also, if necessary, add it to this section so others can find the solution too.


These pages will continually change, as procedures change or are revamped, so feel free to check back regularly.

FAO AbD Section Co-ordinators/Staff:
This section includes information on the many sections of AbD, including procedures and guidelines. These change constantly, so if you manage a section, and the procedures do change, please can you email me on the email address above and let me know, so that these pages can be kept up to date as much as possible.

Many thanks.




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