AbD Shoppe


What is the AbD Shoppe?
Basically, its trhe same downloads that are available in the AbD Member Download area, but you can buy the items using the points youve accumulated over time.

You can view the shoppe and the available downloads, here:

AbD Shoppe

The shoppe is now open for business. All registered users of the main forum can purchase from it, if they have the funds in their bank accounts to cover the purchase.

Adding Funds to Your Account
The forum bank accounts are in conjunction with the main bank accounts. They are NOT the same thing.

Basically, the way this forum will work, is that if you want to spend points on it, you will need to transfer funds from your main bank account, into your forum bank account.

How to do this:

There is a forum in the shoppe section called Bank Transfer Requests. To transfer funds from your main bank account into the forum account, simply make a post there stating how much you want to transfer.

** No reverse transfers will be made at this time. Only transfers INTO the forum bank.

** Please do not overuse this facility. there will NOT be daily transfer requests taken from users. Please transfer in reasonable amounts when necessary.

Once the transfer requests have been received, they will be updated on the forum, and also on the main bank page.

This will be done once per week.

Donations etc
You can still donate to other users etc using the bank system, and you will accrue extra points depending on your use of the forum (ie making posts etc), and theres a lottery system etc for people to take part in.

New Users
New users to the forum will automatically receive 20,000 to spend. this is a on-off payment.

Purchasing Points
this can be done by using the Donate button on the menu bar. the cost is as follows:

$5 = 50,000 points

$10 = 100,000 points

$15 = 150,000 points

$20 = Full access to the AbD Member Download Area for one year.

*** The cost normally to the member download area is $20 per year. There is no point in people keeping buying extra points when they can save money and just get the $20 membership.

AbD Membership Owners
Those of you who have already purchased a membership to the AbD Member download area, will have access there, to all of these downloads. You do NOT have to pay points for them here on the forum.

There is a No Redistribution rule in place. do NOT buy items and gift them to people, as this will constitute breaking the terms and agreements. if you want to gift someone something from the shoppe, please gift them the points to purchase the items themselves.

there's a discussion area in the shoppe section so that people can post questions there. please do not PM/email members of staff asking questions regarding it (especially me lol). Post in that forum and someone will reply giving you the info you need.


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