This page has been created for the purpose of providing a downloadable version of the AbD PSP7 Apprentice Program.

The ebook (Adobe Acrobat PDF file) contains the 15 core lessons written for the apprentice program. (Lesson 15 on the forum has not been included.) The lessons are as follows:

1 - Intro to PSP 7, file locations, set-up. Installing
2 - Cleaning an image
3 - Masks and other PSP Effects
4 - Working With Layers
5 - Working With Brushes
6 - Tubes and Frames
7 - Colouring an Image
8 - Font Tricks
9 - Other Plug-ins
10 - Vector Shapes & Lines
11 - VP Avatars
12 - Working With Gradients
13 - Creating a basic avatar from start to finish
14 - Creating a 6-sided frame – advanced
15 - Copyright, and the use of images in avatars


There is a minimal fee of $6 USD per copy of the e-book. The proceeds of which will be used toward purchasing a vBulletin licence for the apprentice forum, bringing it inline with the main AbD forum.

In return for the $6 fee, you will receive the following:

  •   A fully illustrated copy of the Avatars by Design Apprentice Program in e-book format.
  •   All files necessary to perform the lessons.


In order to view this e-book, you will need to ensure that you have the facility on your computer to read Adobe Acrobat Reader files. If you are unsure, please go to the following link and install it onto your computer (This is a free download):

Terms & Conditions

The Apprentice Program core lessons were written for, and are copyright to Avatars by Design. The following rules apply to anyone purchasing a copy of the e-book:

  •   The PDF file must NOT be redistributed, or copied in any way, shape, or form. Anyone found to be doing so will be banned from the site, and further action will be taken.

  •   Each copy purchased will carry a signature watermark stating who the copy is owned by. If any duplicates are made and given out, their name will be attached, and they will get caught.

  •   The fee is Non-Refundable.

  •   Additional files have been included as necessary to complete the lessons. None of these files are breaking copyright elsewhere. No cracked software is being given out, and no copyright images used. If anyone has any problems regarding this, please feel free to contact AbD Site Admin.

  •   Once you have completed the apprentice program, you are NOT permitted to pass your copy onto someone else. This constitutes re-distribution, and is a breach of copyright.

  •   You may print the files onto paper, but no part of the PDF file may be copied and pasted into other text files.

  •   It is advised that anyone needing support throughout these lessons, should sign up and participate in the Apprentice Program.

By purchasing the e-book, you are confirming that you have read and understood these conditions.

How to Order Your Copy

Please include the following information when placing your order:

1 - The chat name of the person the e-book is for. (Please specify if this is not you)
2 - The email address of the person the e-book is for. This is where the zip file will be sent to.
3 - Any additional information as deemed necessary.

Name of Person the ebook is for:
Additional Information: