Monthly Contests



Each month there will be a new contest.* The contest is open to all AbD users, and isnt graphics specific, so you dont have to know how to make avatars in order to participate.* Some of the contests will require a knowledge of a paint program but not be avatar-related ... others may require writing or finding pictures online, or a combination of the two.* Who knows!* *

The prize will be a wordpress blog, hosted on 50MB web space for one year.* (the url will be a sub domain of AbD).

After the contest closes, i will put up a Poll and let users of AbD vote for the winner.* The poll will run for 2 weeks and then the winners will be announced.

Montly AbD Contests


1st prize - the blog and space.
2nd prize 10k
3rd prize - 5k

3k for everyone taking part.* these prizes will be standard in each monthly contest.


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