AbD Blind Auction


If you have earned points by participating on the board ... this will be a great way to spend some of them !

Everyone is very welcome to send in submissions !!

A page will be posted of the Av's submitted for auction by the 1st of Every Month. Winners will be posted on the 16th day. (submissions always accepted)

Send all Bids and Av's via suni's PM on the main forum...OR ... to:


Be sure to put "sample" or "name" on the avs.. but leave OFF your watermark or name.. to keep it a secret!

All bids must be in by the end of the 15th day of the each month. Please
remember, if you are sending by email .... it is imperative for you to put 'bids' .. OR .. 'blind auction Av' ...in the subject line to avoid it being lost in the huge collection of junk mail the account receives.

The Winners will be posted along with the name of the designer to contact .. and total of points used.

For any that are not bid on, the designer has the choice to run it another month, or use it towards something else.. an upcoming auction, the raffle, or board auction. Their choice.

*** duplicate bids ... the bid with the earliest date/time will be the winner ***

Also, don't forget the copyright rules and acceptable content rules throughout AbD... Av's violating them won't be able to be included.


please please do me a favor... .. avoid using images that include 'cootchie' shots.. unless you are willing to use a temporary cover over that area to allow it to be shown.. i won't be able to put it in the auction.. it is sad and stressful to have to decline anyone's designs :( this is meant to be a fun event

Thanks !
*warm smiles*


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