A Brief Introduction


AbD began around the turn of the millenium. It began as a simple geocities web site, offering premade avatars to those that were unable to make them for themselves.

Soon, live classes were requested, and offered over on Webmaze, then later on Chatrop. They were very successful, drawing more interest to AbD. Additional designers were requested to participate in providing the avatars, and the community began to expand beyond all expectations.

We began offering live avatar auctions, drawing in the crowds, and helping to promote Avatars by Design as an avatar resource site. The forum grew to include more fun stuff, to encourage ongoing participation and involvement by the users. And tutorials were posted, to assist those wishing to learn.

Soon after, the Apprentice Program was added. After a few insignificant hiccups, it was revamped, and reorganised, and became the best Avatar Apprentice Program on the net. To date, there have been literally hundreds of people through its doors, and many, many great designers have emerged as a result.

The program is managed soley by an amazing group volunteers, and is constantly taking on new apprentices. (If you wish to learn more about this, please refer to the Apprentice Forum Link, or the Tips & Tricks page.)

To date...

AbD has grown so much over the years. The standard of excellence that ripples through this site, is beyond belief, and the staff and users are fantastic.

To date, there are many ways to participate on this site, for both designers, and non-designers alike. From Auctions, to games, contests, to events. There is something here for everyone.

For a full introduction on what we offer, either visit the Tips & Tricks page, or browse the site for yourself. You will be amazed by what you find, thats a promise!