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What is this section about?
In this part of the site, you will find many great downloads to free goodies. These include font packages, frames, plug-ins, and much much more. Also, we will include links to sites that offer demo downloads for softwares and products that you may find useful.

Is there a catch, are they really free?
No, there is no catch. The downloads offered via AbD are free products available on the net. However, the downloads of the trial softwares from other sites only last certain lengths of time. Please check the terms and conditions on these sites prior to downloading their products.

Can I find cracked software or serials on these pages?
No! AbD will not offer illegal softwares or serials for download. Please do not ask us to do so.

Additionally, please do not go to the forums and request cracks or serials there. Any posts of this nature will be removed without prior warning to the person posting them.

What if there is something I want, but I cant find it on here?
The AbD Download area is by no means comprehensive. Chances are there will be something you want, that is not offered here. If this occurs, then you may want to try surfing Yahoo, or Google, and try to find it there.

Is there a limit on how much I can download?
No. At present these downloads are uncapped, and free to all. Everybody loves free goodies, so feel free to enjoy them!

Do I need any software to unzip these files once downloaded?
Yes. The majority of these downloads will be zipped. You will need an unzip program in order to extract the file contents.

For further information on obtaining a copy of Winzip, please visit their site on the following link:


How do I download the goodies on these pages?
Simply select the relevant link on the menu to your left, of the section of downloads which interests you, and click the links to download. Then save the files to an easily accessible place on your hard drive.