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AbD Avatar Hosting

What is AbD Hosting?
AbD Hosting was set up initially to provide free, reliable avatar hosting for the users of AbD.

I had an account prior to the server move. How do I get it back?
This was a necessary evil, due to the server move. Please accept our appologies for the inconvenience.

To have your account re-activated, please complete the email form on the page entitled "Request Yours", via the link on the menu to your left, including the account name previously used, and your preferred password.

How much space does each account allow?
Each person will be given 10MB free space to host their avatars. This is more than sufficient to host a varied selection of avatars.

Can anyone sign up?
Yes. These accounts are available to all. However, depending on how pupular they are, in time there may be a cap applied to the number of sign ups.

Can I use this space for hosting web pages?
No. This space is for avatar hosting only. If you wish to host a web site, then you will have to look to one of the many free hosting services available.

How long will the account be valid for?
As long as AbD is around, and has the web space to offer this freebie, the hosting accounts will remain.

What if I want more space?
There are various options open to you. You can check out our member options by clicking the Home link, and then going to the page entitled "Support AbD". In there, you have the option to donate cash, and in return receive chunks of space. These space blocks also allow you to host web pages etc.

Can I sign up for more than one account?
No. AbD Hosting is limited, therefore only one account per person will be allowed.

Are there any hidden catches?
No. Although saying that, anyone found abusing this privelidge will have their account removed.

Can I host any types of images I want?
No. Due to copyright policies. AbD Hosting will not allow the hosting of images that prior permission has not been granted for, by the copyright owner. Anyone found to be hosting illegal images in their accounts, will have the images deleted, and the account removed, if they continue breaking this rule.

Also. No images will be hosted that contain illegal content, such as pictures of an adult nature that contain images of children, no Hardcore BDSM, or images promoting abuse, or trouble making of any kind. If any account holder is found to be hosting these types of images, the account will be removed without prior warning.

Remember, this is a FREE service. please do not put it, and other users at risk by breaking these rules.

How do I sign up?
Simply click the link on the menu to your left, to "Request Yours", and fill out the necessary information on the email form.

What if I have problems with my hosting account?
If you have any problems/queries regarding your account, feel free to click the "Suppot Forum" link on the menu, and post your questions in the relevant section..