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Designer Avatar Requests

What is a designer avatar?
A designer avatar is where you supply an image of your choice, to the designer of your choice, and they then produce an avatar for you with it.

These differ in regards to pre-mades, because "pre-made" avatars are made in advance, and you would then select one from the relevant gallery, and request your name be added to it. For more information on pre-made avatars, please click the link to your left entitled "Premade Avas"

Are there any rules relating to ordering a designer avatar?
Yes. Each individual designer has specific requirements, and preferences as to the number of requests they take per person per month. They may also specify which images they prefer using, or not using. Please check their individual message boards (on the request forum) for further information on their guidelines.

Can I provide any image I want to be used?
No. Unfortunately AbD has a policy in that we will not accept images that are taken from sites that hold a copyright licence on them. If you are unsure if the image is copyright, then please do not ask our designers to make it for you.

If you have written permission from the copyright holder, please include the relevant information when requesting the avatar be made for you.

How long do I have to collect my avatar?
The general guideline is two weeks. If the avatar is uncollected by that time, the designer has the right to auction it off for another to use. However, if you know in advance that you will be unable to collect the avatar within this time, please leave a note for the designer, so that they know to keep it for you.

If I dont collect an avatar I have requested, can I order again?
No. It takes 2 minutes to make a post and thank the designer for their time and effort creating the avatar for you. If you cant take the time to thank them and collect the avatar, then chances are you will not be allowed to request from them again.

Will you host my avatar for me?
No. After you have collected the avatar it will be removed from the designer's hosting space, and you are required to host it yourself.

What do I do if I dont have hosting space?
At present, AbD offers a number of free avatar hosting accounts for its users. For more information, click on the menu link to your left entitled "Free Ava Hosting".

If you prefer to use another host, there are many available, such as Geocities, or Photobucket.

Can I see samples of the designers' work?
Yes. If you visit the Request Forum, and go to the designer avatar request area, you can view samples of each designers work, via their personal boards. (Either as a link to their individual sub domain or in a thread within their board which will contain samples.)

Where do I go to request an avatar?
If you click on the link to your left entitled "Request Forum" That will take you to the forum where you can place a request on the relevant designer's board. Please be sure to read the forum guidelines before doing so, to familiarise yourself with the forum rules.