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Avatar Requests on AbD

What is an avatar?
Avatars are the funky little images that you will have seen people using in HTML based chat sites.

They come in varying sizes, the average being about 300 pixels high. Although, saying this, many request small dinky little images called VP avatars, these can be used in your profiles on message boards etc. The VP avatars are a sepcific 102x116 pixels in dimention.

Sample Avatar

Sample VP

Can anyone request an avatar?
Yes, you are more than welcome to request avatars be designed for them. There are many designers who offer this service free on AbD, because they love graphics design. (To view the current designers, click the link on the left entitled "AbD Designers".)

Will i have to pay for these avatars?
No. This service is completely free.

How do i go about requesting an avatar?
Simply click on the link to your left entitled "Designer Avas" for further information relating to avatar requests based on the principle that you provide the image, OR click on the link to your left entitled "Premade Avas" for more information about selecting one of the many pre-made avatars available to you through Avatars by Design.

**Please note, this is a free service, therefore anyone found to be abusing it, will have their right to request avatars removed. Thankyou.