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AbD Apprentice Program

What is the Avatar Apprentice Program?
The AbD Apprentice Program is one of the best graphics learning programs available in this community. It contains a structured learning program, and also offers one-on-one assistance in the early stages so that if you have any problems, there is always support there, to help you along the way. There is also continued support within the apprentice program community for those taking part at all levels.

Can anyone join up?
The program is open to anyone who is interested in learning how to make avatars. The program is structured around the use of Paint Shop Pro, and the lessons written in relation to using it to create avatars.

Do I need any software for this program?
Yes. You will need a copy of Paintshop Pro. The version used to write the lessons for this program is version 7. However there are newer versions available. Click the following link to visit the Jasc website to find out more about how to obtain a copy of the software, if you dont already have a copy.


** Alternatively, you may wish to check out Ebay, and see if you can purchase a copy there. It may work out cheaper.

What should I do if I am unsure of signing up?
First off, it is recommended that you take time and browse the Apprentice Forum. Look at the lessons, view other apprentices' boards, and most importantly, read the guidelines. Once you have done this, then you need to decide if this is what you want to do.

** Please ensure that you take time and consider this before signing up. A great deal of work goes into this program, from many people. Do not sign up if you are unwilling to take part and actively try to learn.

How do I sign up?
If you decide that you wish to sign up for the program, what will happen is, you will be required to make an introduction post on the sign up board. on the Apprentice Forum. Include a little information about yourself, and what previous experience you have with graphics design. The admin of the program will then welcome you, and create a board specifically for you. Depending on your level of experience, you may be given a Buddy, to help you through the core lessons, so that if you have any problems understanding them, they will be there to answer your questions. Alternatively, if you feel that you do not need a buddy, then please specify this upon sign up.

You will be encouraged to complete all core lessons, introducing you to PSP. It is required also, that you post the results of your lessons and any practice you may do, onto your board, that will allow others involved in the program to give feedback, and so that the staff can keep an eye on you to make sure that everything is running as smoothly as possible for you.

Will there be support throught my time in the program?
Yes. There are many amazing people involved in the program, both students and buddies. The buddies are more experienced with graphic design, and there voluntarily to help the students along the way. If you do not have your own buddy, then simply post any questions you have on the forum, and the others will all chip in to make sure you receive all the help you need.

Is there a time limit on how long it takes me to complete this program?
No. You are more than welcome to remain involved in the program for as long as you wish. The lessons are only useful if you practice with them, and take time to learn and use what they contain. Therefore we advise that you do not rush, but take it at your own pace.

Will I ever progress from being a newbie?
Yes. There are two levels in the program. Stage 1 is for those new to the prorgam. You will be expected to complete all core lessons within this stage. The next level is called Stage 2. This is where you would spend time fine tuning the skills you have learned. There are also many additional tasks and lessons, which can be completed along the way. The more you participate and practice, the better you will become. its as simple as that.

What options are there available to me once I become more competent at graphics design?
Actually, there are many. You are encouraged to participate in the various other happenings around AbD. There are avatar auctions, games, contests galore, and lots of fun things to do. These are of course optional, but you will meet some great people if you let your hair down and explore the many other areas.

The folling is just a sample of some of the other options available to you:

  • work toward becomming a buddy yourself, and help others
  • become a designer for AbD
  • participate in the many events and games etc within AbD
  • take the skills you learn and addapt them into your r/t life, possibly going back to college, or taking up work relating to graphics design
  • progress onto learning web design skills, utilising your graphics skills in that area
  • Is this an accredited training program?
    No, unfortunately not. You wont receive any certification at the end of this course.